An inspiring intergenerational art project which involved volunteers working alongside elderly residents for over three months at Woodland Carehome for Older people and Friar Court Sheltered housing.

Through conversation and creativity, as well as with the help of resident artist, BanuAdam, the team captured residents’ memories, thoughts, feelings and life experiences on large scale jigsaw pieces.

Each unique jigsaw piece was then ‘connected’ together to create a large scale installation.

Besides the art work we were able to establish special connections, beautiful memories and lasting friendships.

The team will be expanding their efforts across East Lancashire with the desire to creatively connect everyone together.

“It’s been a great opportunity for them to chat, tell the young people about their experiences and to help us all understand an individual’s life story. Contact with a young generation is invaluable for people’s sense of worth and residents have enjoyed building relationships and finding out about what the school children are working on.”

Liz Wilde, Head of Lancashire County Council Older People’s Service